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Use the Earth to Heat Your Home

Geothermal energy is affordable, sustainable energy that can transform the way you heat your home. Let Kroeger Heating & Cooling show you how to use the earth to heat and cool water!

  • Closed and open loop systems

  • Split geothermal systems

  • Loop field design

  • Loop field installation

  • Initial project assessments

  • Bosch geothermal systems

Servicing all makes and models

Ground rock content will be tested at your home or business to make sure that a geothermal system can be installed. About two acres of land is needed for installation.


You can enjoy rebates and federal tax credits for geothermal installation, and local rebates are available as well. Ask us for more information to see how you can save.

Save on new geothermal installation

Geothermal rebates available


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